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 Fatal Crumbs Official Rules!

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Head Of Forum Moderator

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PostSubject: Fatal Crumbs Official Rules!   Tue 28 Jun 2011 - 13:29

These are the rules and guidelines of Fatal Crumbs. Violating a rule listed here may result in warnings being issued or accounts being banned. Please keep these guidelines in mind when posting on Fatal Crumbs!

You may receive one warning before starting to receiving infractions for further rule violations. Here is a guide to the major punishments you may face with infraction points.

5 infraction points = ban until your points get lower than 5

Being convicted will remove some of your regular privileges on the Fatal Crumbs forums. Being banned will prevent you from accessing Fatal Crumbs, including both the forums and the main site.

1. Posting Guidelines

1a. Spamming
Spam is posting simple replies such as "lol," "hi," or anything else that does not contribute to the thread. Also, please do not encourage other people to spam.

Double posting to add something on to your post is also considered spam. While double posting is allowed for real posts, such as when replying to multiple posts in the same thread, adding something on to a post you have already made should be handled with the edit button, NOT a new post entirely.

Backseat moderating is also punishable as spam if you do not contribute to the thread. If your post consists solely of "Please don't bump old topics", "Please do not spam", etc., this is considered spam and will get you warned. Backseat moderating in general is frowned upon, but you will only be punished if you do not contribute anything else to the thread.

(Note: instead of backseat moderating, use the report button. If you don't report the post at all, the moderators may not see the post in question and therefore will not take any action.)

One offense = one point

1b. Message Content
The content in your posts must not in any way directly flame an individual or group. Racism, offensive swearing, offensive/inappropriate (for teenagers) pictures, and/or other offensive terms, phrases, or materials are prohibited. The action taken will be reflected by how offensive your message is. Swearing is allowed as long as it does not offend anyone.

One offense = varies depending on what you said (generally one point)

1c. Moderator/Admin Actions
Actions by moderators or admins, including moderator warnings, thread closings and verbal warnings, are to be respected. You may not override the actions in ways such as removing moderator warnings from your posts or reopening closed threads. Instead, to dispute moderator actions, please create a thread in the "Ask a Moderator" forum. Moderator/admin warnings are clearly displayed in a box to prevent confusion. You may not fake moderator/admin warnings.

One offense = two points

1d. Stretching the Page
Do not stretch the page by using a long string of characters. This rule applies for both horizontal and vertical stretching; for example, copying and pasting long paragraphs repeatedly to create a long scrollbar. This rule applies universally, including in the spam forum. Images are automatically resized to not stretch the page.

One offense = one point

1e. Insulting Other Fansites / Fatals
Do not insult or flame other fansites or Fatals specifically. This means you may not mention specific names.

One offense = one point

1f. Illegal Content
Posting links and guides or in some other way encouraging piracy and the use of illegal material is strictly prohibited. This includes links to warez websites, torrents, and other sources of illegal material.

One offense = BANNED!

1f. Asking for Reputation
Do not ask for rep from other members. Reputation is meant to be given when users find a post they agree with or respect.

One offense = two point

2. Advertisement

2a. Commercial Advertisement
You may not advertise commercial websites (i.e. websites made for profit). This includes posting referral links.

One offense = one point

2b. Fansite Advertisement
You may not advertise other Habbo fansites.

One offenses = two point

Please take note that I am very strict with the forum rules!
Take Not that the rules can be updated anytime

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Head Of Forum Moderator
Head Of Forum Moderator

Posts : 20
Join date : 2011-06-26

PostSubject: Re: Fatal Crumbs Official Rules!   Tue 28 Jun 2011 - 15:11

No advertising of rooms in wrong section or u will be receiving 1 infection point thanks! And take note that if even forum mods can be warned and even me my self!
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Fatal Crumbs Official Rules!
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